Lyon Village
Lyon Village

Lyon Village Properties for Sale

$855,000 | 3 Beds | 2 Baths
$2,100,000 | 6 Beds | 5.5 Baths
$1,500,000 | 3 Beds | 2.5 Baths
$1,475,000 | 4 Beds | 3 Baths
$1,215,000 | 4 Beds | 3.5 Baths
$1,200,000 | 4 Beds | 2.5 Baths

Sold Listings

$2,100,000 | 6 Beds | 4.5 Baths
$1,995,000 | 4 Beds | 3/2 Baths
3179 17TH ST N
$1,860,000 | 5 Beds | 4.5 Baths

Lyon Village Real Estate

Homes for sale in Arlington VA's Lyon Village

Guide to Lyon Village

Lyon Village's O'Sullivan's Pub
Lyon Village Single Family Home
Lyon Village Single Family Home
Lyon Village Neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia

Lyon Village is the serene, some might say “utopic” neighborhood of predominantly single family homes situated just north of Arlington’s wildly popular Clarendon neighborhood. The neighborhood has parks, recreation, events and is surprisingly quiet and laid back for being so close to all the action in what is often referred to as Arlington’s downtown. The combination of tree-lined streets, quaint traffic circles and proximity to the development along the orange line corridor has made Lyon Village one of the most popular places to live in the entire DC area. 

An Extension of Clarendon? 

Though many people consider Lyon Village to be an extension of Clarendon (we actually include the boundaries of this neighborhood along with Lyon Park and Ashton Heights on our Clarendon page), Lyon Village is very much it’s own locale. Though the official boundaries can vary, for our purposes we consider Lyon Village as running south from Lee Highway to Wilson Blvd and east from Kirkwood Rd to Veitch St. 

Historical Homes and Tear Downs

Lyon Village is a historic neighborhood that consists of many long time residents as well as newcomers to what has become an exclusive neighborhood with extremely high price points. The housing stock is made up of almost exclusively single-family homes, a significant portion of which look very much like they did when they were built in the mid 1900’s. There is a growing trend of “tear down” construction as the land appreciates and homebuyers are looking for homes with more modern amenities. Overall, the homebuilders do a great job of creating new homes that do not clash with the more historic homes and fit in very nicely with the flow of the neighborhood. On the outer boundaries of Lyon Village, you will find some condo and apartment projects. Home prices routinely reach some of the highest prices in all of Arlington, VA (certainly on a price per square foot basis). 

The local community is very active here and routinely has various events and classes at their Community House. According to the Lyon Village Citizens Association the community has produced “a legion of community leaders, elected officials, and good ideas.” Also, the local community watch program has helped to deter crime and has had great results. Residents in Lyon Village are very active and there are a couple parks for kids and adults to enjoy.

Easy To Get Everywhere 

Transportation in Lyon Village is easy and you have a variety of options to choose from. Washington, DC is just minutes away by driving, metro or riding the bus. There are two metro stops that service Lyon Village with the Clarendon metro on the western side and Courthouse on the eastern side. Major highways including I-395, the George Washington Parkway and I-66 are just a few blocks from Lyon Village. While most homes have garages or at least off-street parking, there are ample street parking options as Arlington County strictly enforces the zoned parking, which prevents a lot of the Clarendon overspill from clogging up the streets. 

Eat-In or Take Out

Whole Foods is within walking distance to just about all of Lyon Village as are the expansive list of restaurants that compete for the plentiful supply of diners in Clarendon. Some of the long-standing neighborhood favorites include Faccia Luna for pizza, Mexicali Blues, Whitlow’s on Wilson, and the Boulevard Wood Grill. Newcomers to the area include the Four Sisters Grill, which offers some amazing counter-service Vietnamese Food, Pete’s New Haven Pizza and Amsterdam Falafel House. 

There’s Always Something To Do!

Lyon Village is great for outdoor activities and includes a park with tennis courts, a basketball court, two playgrounds and an amazing dog park. Lyon Village Park even has a massive sprayground that is THE PLACE for kids to cool off all summer long. If you are looking for gyms, you are in luck as many of the workout facilities are located just blocks away in Clarendon: Gold’s Gym, Washington Sports Club, Sport and Health and the YMCA. The neighborhood has a local community house as well that hosts numerous gatherings every year including a December Holiday Party, 4th of July Picnic, Spaghetti Dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt. The area is great to walk around and look at the beautiful tree lined streets and the mixture of both historic and brand new homes, no one house is the same.

Colonial Home in Arlington's Lyon Village
Jimmy John's Subs in Lyon Village
Lyon Village Town Homes

Real Estate Market Stats

Basic Stats Overview

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Last Updated: 7/29/2016
Homes for Sale 7 -28.6% +57.1%
Months Inventory 3.36 -23.5% +53.3%
Contracts Pending 9 +33.3% +22.2%
Solds: 90 Day 7 -42.9% +14.3%
Average List Price/Sold Price 94.12% -3.5% -5.8%
Active/Pending Ratio 0.78 -92.3% +44.9%
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $1,327,843 -13.2% -13.0%
Pending $1,688,778 -4.0% +14.0%
90 Day Sold $1,257,571 +4.2% -1.0%
Median Price
Active $1,215,000 -21.4% -23.4%
Pending $1,800,000 +2.8% +19.4%
90 Day Sold $1,118,000 -7.2% -11.4%
Days on Market
Active 73.57 +21.6% +70.5%
Pending 27.56 +84.9% -59.7%
90 Day Sold 14.86 -85.7% -153.5%
Homes for Sale 5 -40.0% +40.0%
Months Inventory 2.73 -39.9% +37.4%
Contracts Pending 7 +14.3% +28.6%
Solds: 90 Day 6 -50.0% +16.7%
Average List Price/Sold Price 93.66% -3.9% -6.3%
Active/Pending Ratio 0.71 -64.8% +15.5%
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $1,426,000 -12.7% -5.2%
Pending $1,846,429 +4.9% +10.1%
90 Day Sold $1,329,667 +6.2% +1.1%
Median Price
Active $1,475,000 -1.7% -1.7%
Pending $1,800,000 +2.8% +4.2%
90 Day Sold $1,199,000 -6.8% -4.3%
Days on Market
Active 99.40 +30.4% +78.2%
Pending 28.14 +85.2% -104.7%
90 Day Sold 14.67 -96.9% -205.4%
Homes for Sale 1 -100.0% N/A
Months Inventory 4.00 -50.0% N/A
Contracts Pending 2 N/A 0.0%
Solds: 90 Day 1 0.0% 0.0%
Average List Price/Sold Price 98.81% 0.0% -1.2%
Active/Pending Ratio 0.50 N/A N/A
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $1,215,000 +6.4% N/A
Pending $1,137,000 N/A +18.2%
90 Day Sold $825,000 0.0% -27.3%
Median Price
Active $1,215,000 +6.4% N/A
Pending $1,137,000 N/A +18.2%
90 Day Sold $825,000 0.0% -27.3%
Days on Market
Active 8.00 -118.8% N/A
Pending 25.50 N/A +60.8%
90 Day Sold 16.00 0.0% +87.5%
Homes for Sale 1 N/A N/A
Months Inventory 0.00 N/A N/A
Contracts Pending 0 N/A N/A
Solds: 90 Day 0 N/A N/A
Average List Price/Sold Price 0.00% N/A N/A
Active/Pending Ratio 0.00 N/A N/A
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $949,900 N/A N/A
Pending $0 N/A N/A
90 Day Sold $0 N/A N/A
Median Price
Active $949,900 N/A N/A
Pending $0 N/A N/A
90 Day Sold $0 N/A N/A
Days on Market
Active 10.00 N/A N/A
Pending 0.00 N/A N/A
90 Day Sold 0.00 N/A N/A

How Much is Available?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Active Inventory
The number of Lyon Village homes listed for sale. Lower inventory favors sellers in negotiations.

How Many Months of Inventory?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Months Inventory
The number of homes listed for sale in Lyon Village divided by the number of homes sold in one month. Higher inventory favors buyers.

More Actives or More Pendings?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Active/Pending Ratio
Ratio of homes in Lyon Village listed for sale versus those under contract. The lower the number, the hotter the market.

Are Sellers Negotiating?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, List/Sold Ratio
Shows a comparison between the final sales price of homes sold in Lyon Village versus their list price.

What is Average?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Average Sale Price (90 Days)
Average list price of homes for sale in Lyon Village

How Fast Are They Selling?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Days on Market (Sold Listings 90 Days)
Average days from Listing Date to Sold Date for Lyon Village homes that sold in the past 90 days.


Lyon Village Park

This is the place to be in the summer months. The basketball court is always buzzing with neighbors and friends taking in a game of pick-up ball. And the spray-ground for the children attracts families from all corners of the county to experience this uber-popular playground attraction.

Matthew Leighton Matthew Leighton

Who Doesn't Love Lyon Village?

It's amazing. From tennis courts to tot lots...

Eddie Berenbaum Eddie Berenbaum President, CMO

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