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$700,000 | 4 Beds | 2.5 Baths
5426 5TH ST S
$770,000 | 4 Beds | 3 Baths
5728 2ND ST S
$760,000 | 3 Beds | 3.5 Baths

Glencarlyn Real Estate

Homes for sale in Arlington VA's Glencarlyn neighborhood

Guide to Glencarlyn

Glen Carlyn Library in Arlington, Virginia.
Glen Carlyn Neighborhood Playground in Arlington, Virginia

This lively and vibrant neighborhood offers many urban conveniences in a peaceful, welcoming community. Minutes away from some of Arlington’s most exciting attractions and the renowned area restaurants, Glencarlyn is the ideal city home for people who want to be in the center of all the action.

All About Location

Glencarlyn is bordered to the north by Arlington Boulevard, to the east by the scenic Four Mile Run Trail and Glencarlyn Park. To the south is Forest Glen. Its western border cuts across more residential neighborhoods of Arlington.

Convenient and Comfy City Living

The Glencarlyn neighborhood primarily offers residents single-family homes, ranging in size and price. Many of the models are situated on decent-sized properties for city lots, and most are in the mid-price range. The neighborhood also has some townhouses and condos, mostly by Arlington Boulevard.

Finding Your Way Around

Glencarlyn residents can take advantage of Arlington Transit, which makes it easy to get around town. Supplementing the metro bus, Arlington Transit provides cross-county routes and neighborhood connections to metro stations. For people who prefer to drive themselves, there are many major roads nearby such as Arlington Boulevard running east to west and S Carling Spring Road running north to south, right through the center of the neighborhood.

Stretch Out and Enjoy the Sunshine

The centerpiece of the Glencarlyn community is the Glencarlyn Park. The perfect place to spend a beautiful day, here you will usually find friendly neighbors and familiar faces hanging out as well. This secluded 95 acres in the middle of the city offers a whole host of fun family activities. Take in Northern Virginia’s breathtaking nature on the park’s many trails, which also connect to Four Mile Run and the Washington and Old Dominion Trail. Kids will have a blast blowing off some steam on the playgrounds, while parents can relax and fish. Residents can also bring along their four legged friends and let their dogs run free at the dog park. At the Long Branch Nature Center, people can have fun exploring the exhibits, discovery room and live animal displays. The center also hosts activities such as story time, camp parties and nature walks.

Exotic Eateries

Glencarlyn is in the optimal location for residents to enjoy the worldly, delicious restaurants that Arlington and surrounding towns have to offer. Right on 1st Street N is Crystal Thai Restaurant, run by a dedicated family of chefs who have been in the business of making great food for over 20 years. The owners love what they do and go out of their way to create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. With a menu that includes almost any Thai dish you could ever imagine, you will never get bored of coming here. The Lunch menu offers amazing specials on all the favorites—for less than 10 dollars fill up on panang beef, sautéed pork and cashew chicken. Pair your meal with the crispy wontons, a variety of fried rice dishes, sweet and sour chicken and much, much more! If you come for dinner, check out the huge selection of beef, pork and chicken entrees as well as the extensive soup, rice and noodles options.

A quick drive away on Leesburg Pike, Raaga Restaurant is the place to go for fine Indian cuisine and catering. “Raaga” means “sweet melody,” and the name accurately reflects the sweet serenity and elegant atmosphere of this upscale restaurant. All of the rich, intricately flavored dishes can be paired perfectly with unique beverages such as the lassi, a refreshing yogurt drink, and the masala tea flavored with cardamom seeds. Like any good Indian place, Raaga has many tandoori specialties such as the paneer shashlik, which is chunks of homemade cottage cheese along with onion, pepper and tomatoes and the chicken tikka, boneless pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt lemon juice. You can also take your pick from a seemingly endless selection of seafood, chicken, lamb and vegetable entrees such as the mixed seafood masala, the chicken korma, lamb curry and the hakka noodles.

Another wonderful destination for exotic cuisine is Jerusalem Restaurant and Catering, recognized by the Washingtonian with the Best Restaurant Award in 2013. Bringing the taste of the Holy Land to Northern Virginia, Jerusalem Restaurant serves a variety of house pies, sandwiches, falafel and shawarma. This is the perfect place to try something new, and nothing on the menu will disappoint. The m’saka, oven roasted eggplant with ground beef, tomato sauce, onions and garlic, always receives outstanding reviews, as does the lamb shank marinated with special spices and served with rice and vegetables. The lunch specials also give you the best bang for your buck, letting you mix and match a selection of soups, salads, appetizers, sandwiches and platters. Finally, treat your taste buds to some decadent Middle Eastern desserts including the warbat, basboos and baklawa.

Greetings From Glencarlyn!

Glencarlyn is one of those charming places you’ll never want to leave. A relatively quiet city neighborhood with affordable housing, Glencarlyn is a peaceful escape in the middle of all the urban hustle and bustle.

Real Estate Market Stats

Basic Stats Overview

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Last Updated: 12/9/2016
Homes for Sale 6 +33.3% +16.7%
Months Inventory 2.18 +26.6% -45.0%
Contracts Pending 2 -200.0% -100.0%
Solds: 90 Day 11 +45.5% +63.6%
Average List Price/Sold Price 98.71% +0.6% +0.5%
Active/Pending Ratio 3.00 +77.7% +58.3%
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $541,783 -9.0% -14.4%
Pending $609,450 +15.7% +5.3%
90 Day Sold $397,345 +1.1% -40.1%
Median Price
Active $614,450 -0.5% -1.7%
Pending $609,450 0.0% +9.0%
90 Day Sold $203,500 -82.7% -179.5%
Days on Market
Active 65.00 +10.8% -40.6%
Pending 9.00 -13.0% -697.2%
90 Day Sold 31.73 -58.1% -48.9%
Homes for Sale 4 +25.0% 0.0%
Months Inventory 2.40 +25.0% -25.0%
Contracts Pending 1 -200.0% -200.0%
Solds: 90 Day 4 +50.0% 0.0%
Average List Price/Sold Price 99.05% +1.0% +0.9%
Active/Pending Ratio 4.00 +75.0% +66.8%
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $710,950 -1.5% -2.0%
Pending $649,900 -8.2% +7.2%
90 Day Sold $690,825 +5.7% +19.4%
Median Price
Active $682,000 -0.4% -2.3%
Pending $649,900 -6.9% +13.8%
90 Day Sold $684,150 +4.8% +16.9%
Days on Market
Active 67.50 +16.0% -67.0%
Pending 6.00 -61.2% -927.8%
90 Day Sold 9.75 +17.9% -384.6%
Homes for Sale 0 N/A N/A
Months Inventory 0.00 N/A N/A
Contracts Pending 1 0.0% 0.0%
Solds: 90 Day 1 0.0% N/A
Average List Price/Sold Price 100.00% 0.0% N/A
Active/Pending Ratio 0.00 N/A N/A
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $0 N/A N/A
Pending $569,000 0.0% +12.1%
90 Day Sold $540,000 0.0% N/A
Median Price
Active $0 N/A N/A
Pending $569,000 0.0% +12.1%
90 Day Sold $540,000 0.0% N/A
Days on Market
Active 0.00 N/A N/A
Pending 12.00 0.0% -750.0%
90 Day Sold 153.00 0.0% N/A
Homes for Sale 2 +50.0% +50.0%
Months Inventory 3.00 +20.0% -300.0%
Contracts Pending 0 N/A N/A
Solds: 90 Day 6 +50.0% N/A
Average List Price/Sold Price 97.23% +0.9% N/A
Active/Pending Ratio 0.00 N/A N/A
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $203,450 +3.2% +1.7%
Pending $0 N/A N/A
90 Day Sold $177,917 +3.8% N/A
Median Price
Active $203,450 +3.2% +1.7%
Pending $0 N/A N/A
90 Day Sold $181,500 +9.1% N/A
Days on Market
Active 60.00 -3.3% +90.0%
Pending 0.00 N/A N/A
90 Day Sold 26.17 -68.1% N/A

How Much is Available?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Active Inventory
The number of Glencarlyn homes listed for sale. Lower inventory favors sellers in negotiations.

How Many Months of Inventory?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Months Inventory
The number of homes listed for sale in Glencarlyn divided by the number of homes sold in one month. Higher inventory favors buyers.

More Actives or More Pendings?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Active/Pending Ratio
Ratio of homes in Glencarlyn listed for sale versus those under contract. The lower the number, the hotter the market.

Are Sellers Negotiating?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, List/Sold Ratio
Shows a comparison between the final sales price of homes sold in Glencarlyn versus their list price.

What is Average?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Average Sale Price (90 Days)
Average list price of homes for sale in Glencarlyn

How Fast Are They Selling?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Days on Market (Sold Listings 90 Days)
Average days from Listing Date to Sold Date for Glencarlyn homes that sold in the past 90 days.


Ball-Sellers House

Glencarlyn is home to the Ball-Sellers House, which is the oldest building in Arlington County. It was built around 1750 and the Arlington Historical Society regularly schedules tours at the home. Check it out!

Matthew Leighton Matthew Leighton

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